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Scholarships & Loans for Uitm Students

Services provided at Scholarship & Financial Aid Unit, Students Affairs & Alumni are:


The Scholarship & Financial Support Unit manages the PTPTN loans and its other related matters for eligible student such as:
  • Online application
  • Postponement
  • Extension
  • Rate increment
  • Refund
For more information, please log on to the PTPTN website.

State Government Loans and Scholarships

Scholarship offers are advertised annually during the July intake, in print and electronic media. The organisations that offer such a financial support are:
  • Public Service Department (JPA)
  • Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (KPT)
  • Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM)
  • Malaysian Ministry of Defence
  • Malaysian Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Malaysian Ministry of Health (for Medicine only)
  • Sime Darby
  • State Government Loan (Yayasan Negeri dan Pusat Zakat Negeri)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation
  • Tuanku Fauziah Foundation
  • Malaysian Department of Orang Asli Affairs (JHEOA)


The Scholarship & Financial Support Unit provides financial aid and charity for underprivileged students. Applicants’ eligibility to apply will be assessed based on these conditions:
  • The applicant comes from a household income of less than RM1,000.00
  • The applicant is an orphan
  • The applicant is not funded, by any means, by an external organisation.
Below are the supports provided by the unit:
  • Orphan Charity Fund
  • Underprivileged Students Fund
  • Tan Sri Arshad Ayub Fund
  • Balkis Fund

Student Welfare Fund

A maximum loan/aid of RM500 given to students provided that:
  • The applicant is not bound by loan or any means of financial support from any external organisation.
  • The applicant comes from a household income of RM1000 or less.
  • The applicant is not someone who had just registered with the university.
  • The applicant maintains a good disciplinary record throughout the study period.
Reduction/Exception of Fees
  • The applicant must be in the second semester or above with CGPA of not less than 2.35.
  • The applicant is not sponsored by any external organisations.
  • The applicant fulfills the criteria stipulated by the Committee
Application must be made through the Scholarship & Financial Support Unit. Alternatively the application form can be downloaded from the Scholarship & Financial Support Unit portal.

Students Emergency Fund

UiTM students are protected by this fund, which covers death, injury from an accident and terminal illness.The amount of indemnity is based on the percentage determined by the Emergency Fund Committee, with the maximum compensation of RM7000 for the deceased. The fund is established to aid students with the following misfortunes:
  • Death (compensation will be paid to the deceased student’s beneficiary in a cheque)
  • Accident (claim form is available at the Scholarship & Financial Support Unit website for download).
It is greatly emphasised that reimbursement is not limited to accidents and injuries occurred in campus or during practical training, but it is paid for incidents that happen outside the university, for instance at the student’s hometown.
Students are advised to make their claims immediately after treatment or upon discharge from the hospital for speedy process.

Less-abled Support

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia has provided a monthly allowance of RM300 for less-abled students of institutions of higher learning. Less-abled UiTM students can make arrangement with the Scholarship & Financial Support Unit fill the Less-abled Student form, which can be downloaded from the unit’s website.
For more information, please contact the unit at:
Scholarship & Financial Support Unit
Students Affairs & Alumni Division,
Level 3, Bangunan Budisiswa,
Universiti Teknologi MARA,
40450 Shah Alam,
Tel: 03-5544 3545 / 3538 / 3542
Fax: 03-5544 3517

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