Sunday, 25 September 2011


  • IGS Research Skills
    IGS Research Skills seminar provides opportunities for research students to develop essential skills that will be of value in completing their research in a timely manner. The seminars are conducted systematically by offering relevant modules. These modules are COMPULSORY for all new registered research students. Certificate of attendance will be given to those who complete all modules. Only students with this certificate will be allowed to proceed to Defence of Proposal.
  • IGS Research Data Analysis Skills
    This seminar will help postgraduate students on how to do basic data analysis by using practical hands on approach with real research data sets.  Participants will learn how to prepare data for analysis and how to use SPSS, a statistical package designed to manage, organise and analyse research  data.
  • IGS Research Writing Skills
    As part of our training programme for research degree students, the Institute of Graduate Studies is pleased to present a series of seminars on Thesis Writing. The aim of the seminars is to assist postgraduate research students to gain a clear understanding of the thesis writing process and develop essential skills and strategies for writing a thesis. In addition, it also provides a platform for sharing research and writing experiences and receives feedback during their thesis writing process.

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